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Green EU Commission President Claims ALIENS are Worried about Brexit

Watts Up With That?

Jean-claude Juncker Jean-claude Juncker. By Factio popularis Europaea –, CC BY 2.0,

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Its not just Greens who are worried about Europe – the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker stated in a speech that leaders of other planets are worried about the direction Europe will take, in the wake of the Brexit vote.

Did EU chief confirm aliens EXIST? Juncker ‘speaks of BREXIT to leaders of other planets’

ALIEN conspiracy theorists were sent into overdrive after European Commission president Jean Claude Juncker appeared to say he had “heard from the leaders of other planets”.

Clips of the EU big wig speaking in a Brexit debate are going viral online, after he was heard to say aliens were worried about the looming Brexit by the UK from the union.

He said, translated from French: “You need to know that those who observe us…

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New Cartoon “Death, I’m with HER” Hillary Clinton

GrrrGraphics on WordPress


In 2011, Hillary saw Iraq as a ‘business opportunity.’ She voted for the war there and sees such conflict as a way to make money. That’s what she’s about. Power and money. Hillary has made millions from the Saudis—doing their bidding. She knows the Shiite/Sunni conflict in the middle east is a money maker for her. That’s why she announced:

 “If I’m President, We Will Attack Iran… We would be Able to Totally Obliterate Them.”

We all know how she cackled with glee when she murdered Gaddafi and destabilized Libya. She made sure ISIS got weapons to attack Syria. This creature is war monger. And it’s not just the middle east. Look how she arranged a military coup in Honduras. Many may not remember that she urged Janet Reno to destroy the Koresh compound in Waco. Many people were executed there including women and children.

Hillary is a bloodthirsty, power-mad…

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Global Debt And The Human Bubble

reality paradigm

By Gregory Mannarino

The issue of a global population bubble is virtually not spoken of, in fact I may have been one of the first to openly discuss how grave a situation it really is. However this bubble may be about to burst.

When an issue facing an individual or an entire population in this case is so immense, without any solution, it gets blocked involuntarily by the brains inability to cope. When an event is so far out and away from the ability of the average individual to get their head around a self-preservation mode “kicks in,” and subsequently the reality of a given situation gets pushed out of the psyche. The actuality is that the explosion in world population brought directly about by a complete “mismanagement” of the global monetary system via the world’s central banks has inflated a HUMAN BUBBLE. As I have discussed in my…

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The Banking Crisis in Spain is Back

Raging Bull-shit

The shares of Banco Popular got crushed.

After three years of relative calm and one month before yet another round of do-or-die general elections, the words “banking” and “crisis” are back on the front pages of Spain’s newspapers. Despite the untold billions of euros of public funds lavished on “cleaning up” their balance sheets and the roughly €240 billion of provisions booked against bad debt since December 2007, the banks are just as weak and disaster-prone as they were four years ago.

Francisco González, the President of Spain’s second biggest financial institution, BBVA, was the first to raise the alarm, warning a few days ago that the ECB’s negative interest rate policy “is killing” European banks.

Now, it seems González’s prophecy is already coming true.

Spain’s sixth largest financial institution, Banco Popular, on Wednesday evening announced that it was urgently seeking to raise €2.5 billion in capital in order to shore up…

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Really smart people and “An Inconvenient Truth”

Trust, yet verify

Screenshot An Inconvenient Truth

How much influence did the movie “An Inconvenient Truth” have? That was the question that was asked in the Grist article The legacy of “An Inconvenient Truth,” explained by 16 really smart people. Sixteen people with some name in environmental activism were asked about how this movie influenced them and terms like “inspiration”, “lightbulb moment”, “watershed moment”, “getting past the legislature”, “wake-up call”, “building of a movement” and many more came up.

Being a believer of anthropogenic global warming at that time myself, what was the influence of that movie on me? The surprising answer is: surprisingly little back then. It was until later that it influenced me, but not in the way it influenced those 16.

Although I was a believer at the time the movie came out, I never went to see it back then. I took from the trailer and from the scared reactions of my…

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Risk on will become Risk off in global markets