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MH370 Families Ask About Afghanistan

MH370 Families Ask About Afghanistan

Nurse prank call suicide story

Before we all forget about this, and the media erases it from the public memory, it’s worth noting that the verdict is still suspected suicide/unexplained circumstances. I am still waiting to hear about the exact cause of death.

The mainstream media is happy to spin the story to demonise the radio pranksters who apparently drove this woman to killing herself,but no information has yet come forward.

Let’s not forget about these events, which tend to be swept under the rug and forgotten as soon as possible. It happened with the Gareth Williams story which the order taking mainstream media were happy to keep as quiet as possible.



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There’s been a lot of talk about Nibiru for quite some time. Personally, I have thought all along that there is something to it, although I couldn’t possibly guess how it will all pan out. There is always a lot of hype and fear, so on one hand you have movies like 2012 ramping up the paranoia, and on the other hand, you have very little honest reporting about it in the MSM. We hear about Nibiru, Planet X, Marduk, and Comet Elenin, and it is still not clear to me whether these are all one and the same or whether the first three are the same and the last is another body altogether.

Here is a little summary of what I have been hearing about Nibiru. I am just noting this quickly so it may not be 100% accurate, but I will update it down the road:
– Around…

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