Secular Ethics


Voluntaryism: The philosophy that holds that all forms of human association should be on a voluntary basis.

If one adheres to reason they must accept the validity of the philosophy of Voluntaryism.

In accepting this philosophy one is accepting the rational proposition that the initiation of the use of force or the threat thereof is wrong. In actual fact one implicitly accepts this every time s/he enters into argument with another individual as the non-aggression principle and the principle of self-ownership/individual sovereignty are presupposed in argumentation, i.e. one cannot argue against either without self-refuting.

Anarchast Episode 31 with Stefan Molyneux

In Episode 31 Jeff talks to Stefan Molyneux while enjoying the sun at PorcFest 2012. They dive into a discussion on many topics of philosophy but start out with Stefan’s own rational theory of ethics called Universally Preferable Behavior (UPB). They then discuss mainstream philosophy and how the Platonist theory of forms has been the driving force for tyranny throughout the ages. Jeff asks “if you were young would you go to a university today to learn philosophy”, hear Stefans response above.