We have started this blog basically as a way of sharing our ideas and opinions. We see it as an excellent way to discuss and inform others about key issues that we believe are affecting all of us in many different ways.

RealityParadigm was chosen as our page-name because we currently see ourselves in an infowar between what we are sold as “reality” and what the actual truth is behind many different areas of our life. Hence we are challenging the establishments enforced paradigm of reality.

We wish to create an ongoing dialogue and hopefully, little by little, reach as many people as possible. Information has always been key and we consider communication more important than ever at this moment in time.

Feel free to express any opinion you may have, we are lovers of freedom of speech and we see political correctness as a way of censoring our liberty to express ourselves freely. We see society as one that “sits on the fence” as to say, however we do not intend to shy away from any sensitive topics and our own points of view have been made based on evidence we have read into over the last few years.

Getting our ideas down in this format is a good way to express ourselves, we would recommend it to anyone.

We hope you enjoy our topics and discussions, found in the various categories, and find them of interest.

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