The Coming Credibility Hammer

There are a lot of credibility “nails” that will either be hammered home or pulled out all together in the coming days, weeks, and months. They run the gambit on this financial house of cards that has been built over the years and currently, there are just too many shingles that have come loose along with siding, cracked foundations, and a host of others. Where credibility not only contends with the structure itself, but also with the so-called “smart crowd” of analysts, advisers, fund managers, media outlets and more. If the coming storm that now appears credible, where it’s made even the staunchest revelers of the status quo appear nervous. Forget about what may, or may not, be showing signs of de-lamination; for things may be about to come completely unglued as well as unhinged.

The Federal Reserve’s Open Market Committee will end a two-day meeting today. What they say…

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