Global Debt And The Human Bubble

By Gregory Mannarino

The issue of a global population bubble is virtually not spoken of, in fact I may have been one of the first to openly discuss how grave a situation it really is. However this bubble may be about to burst.

When an issue facing an individual or an entire population in this case is so immense, without any solution, it gets blocked involuntarily by the brains inability to cope. When an event is so far out and away from the ability of the average individual to get their head around a self-preservation mode “kicks in,” and subsequently the reality of a given situation gets pushed out of the psyche. The actuality is that the explosion in world population brought directly about by a complete “mismanagement” of the global monetary system via the world’s central banks has inflated a HUMAN BUBBLE. As I have discussed in my book The Politics Of Money and on my business day MarketReport many times, the issue of exploding global debt IS NOT just a monetary issue, it is a problem regarding resources. It’s just that simple. When our politicians allowed Central Banks to implement a fiat monetary system (a debt based economic model), a virtual alternate reality was allowed to manifest itself. This debt based economic model has now evolved into the greatest threat facing mankind with no way out, and there lies the problem. A massive global loss of life is a mathematical certainty. The world’s central banks are responsible for creating a “market” for their product, “currency backed by nothing.” This “arrangement” demands cash be borrowed into existence in perpetuity. This mechanism is a self-feeding one as well, allow me to explain. This debt based system permits and demands an ever increasing debt to be acquired in order to function. Therefore as this fiat currency is borrowed into existence, resources are pulled from the future creating an environment of excess. This has allowed a global population boom and as such the demand for more debt to be borrowed into existence is constantly generated. What must be understood by you the reader is this, without exception all “bubbles” must burst at one point and why is that? Simple, because they rise above a level which can be sustained BY ANY MEANS. The world’s central banks fiat monetary system has allowed a borrowing of monies from the future to live a better now. By pulling monies from the future we have been able to acquire and have access to resources which would normally not have been available. As such we now exist in a “reality” which is not sustainable. A global ever ballooning bubble in debt has directly fuelled a population boom, in fact they have risen in tandem. It should be clear to you that the issue of exploding global debt is not sustainable by any means. Therefore, this global HUMAN BUBBLE will burst along with the DEBT BUBBLE simultaneously and tens of millions of people in every continent around the world will die.



  1. Instead of the media broadcasting a news worthy item the emphasis to be focused on people who are confused about their sexual orientation . Where is the common sense and will to prevail?

  2. The world is in a moral dilemma. It’s solution? An injection of moral cognition! The debt bubble is going to burst, but the death of tens of millions of people on each continent does not necessarily have to follow. If we can’t inject enough moral cognition into the equation, then it is possible that hundreds of millions of people could die due to a lack of resources.

  3. People will die because they are ignorant. They are incapable of dealing with a withdrawal of the things they think they need to survive. They can facebook each other but have no skills to deal with lack of resources. With some knowledge a person could literally hike across the country, eating from the fields and sustaining themselves by using primitive skills. Some will sadly sit in an urban area and die because they have no way to provide for themselves. Where is my Starbucks? Where’s my Taco Bell? Pathetic. Survival of the fittest baby!

    1. Yes, certainly get out of harm’s way but also understand the big picture as to the direction we are heading. I don’t think this is the end of the world but once started It’s those with a little knowledge that we come thru and make it to the other side. In order to achieve this, one will not go it alone.. you’ll need family and or community of likeminded individuals, If your reading this blog you may very well have come to an opposing opinion such as … nope, got to go it alone. You need to take the most important of steps to prepare for the short term but you must remain optimistic and prepare also for the long term. Normalcy Bias will kill the most at their own hand. In the day of so much information, ignorance is a choice too. Every aspect of your life requires that first and foremost you must be evenly yoked with your choice of mate and congruent in your course of action. Consider Chris Martenson’s Crash course as a starting point

      David Delve

      The Crash Course has provided millions of viewers with the context for the massive changes now underway, as economic growth as we’ve known it is ending due to depleting resources.
      But it also offers real hope. Those individuals who take informed action today, while we still have time, can lower their exposure to these coming trends — and even discover a better way of life in the process. We’ll show you how.

  4. the money is backed by our labor, dont buy this “It’s not backed by anything” crap! when they took us off the gold standard by Nixon, the dollar ceased being money but was debt debt became money and money became debt, not saying there is not a problem but our labor backs our currency which is why they are wanting us all not working and on welfare

  5. I think Gregory is being conservative with his numbers. The global population has been purposely domesticated with a “just in time” delivery system. In fact TPTB don’t want you to grow your own food, in some cases there are laws against that.

    So when the balloons pop around the world and the financial systems collapse, we could be looking at billions, millions of humans on their way to the pearly gates.

  6. You can’t borrow resources from the future. Money is a claim on goods and services produced by applying energy to resources or activities. You are right that monetary expansion creates an excess of claims on future resource use – since the resource base is ultimately finite and at any given point in the present absolutely fixed. The resource problem would occur when the claims either exceed availability in the present or the claims are invalidated. The risk of debt is that the latter scenario would cause the former to occur.

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