The War You Don’t See

Raging Bull-shit

This is the third time in the last year that RGBS has featured John Pilger’s must-watch documentary The War You Don’t See (hence apologies to readers who have already seen it). The first time was in Autumn 2013, at the height of the West’s concerted misinformation campaign aimed at convincing the world of the need for Nato intervention in the Syrian civil war.

The second time was during the rise of tensions in Ukraine when every effort was being made to paint Russia as the new evil empire and to demonise its leader Vladimir Putin — the man who almost single-handedly thwarted the West’s efforts to expand the war in Syria. As I wrote at the time, the readings on the bullshit counter were quite literally off the scale as every possible underhand attempt was made to neutralise Russia as a threat to the U.S.’s imperial designs.

Now, with Israel sending…

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