Antarctica Colder And Australia Has Record Cold, Too, Global Warmists Panic

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antarctica storms July 2014

earth :: an animated map of global wind and weather

Antarctica – Coldest June on record according to METEO FRANCE – Suivez toute l’actualité de Météo-France which has a station year round on some small islands offshore of Antarctica.  At the same time another polar vortex is bringing colder than normal temperatures to North America.  When both poles are colder than usual and more ice than usual, this is a #1 indicator of global cooling, not warming.  Even if it is hot somewhere else, if both poles are colder then it is going to be colder, not warmer.  After all, the ideology of global warming rests upon the concept that if temperatures at both poles are warmer than usual even though well below freezing, this means the planet is warming!

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