Jailed Spanish Politician: “Politics and Mafia Are Same Thing”

Raging Bull-shit

Recent years have not exactly been kind to Luís Bárcenas Gutiérrez. For decades he served as treasurer of the governing People’s Party, a position which afforded him de facto control over the party’s accounts and money movements. In 2009, however, a money laundering investigation by Swiss authorities discovered more than €30 million spread across an assortment of Swiss bank accounts, all under his name. After being made the solitary fall guy for cross-party corruption, Bárcenas was sentenced to jail without bail.

As he awaits his sentence in the rather austere surroundings of Madrid’s El Soto prison, his once-fine name, now synonymous with political corruption in Spain, is once again being dragged through the press-grinder. The reason? According to Spain’s finance website El Confidencial, a taped phone conversation between two members of the Neapolitan mafia, la Camorra…

Read the full article at Wolf Street.

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