Spain’s Musical Thrones: A Desperate Move by a Crumbling System

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Raging Bull-shit

The King of Spain, Juan Carlos I, broke with hundreds of years of constitutional precedence this week by announcing his intention to abdicate from the throne. Unlike in the constitutional monarchies of Northern Europe, abdication is not part of Spain’s constitutional script.

The two “official” reasons for Juan Carlos’ abdication are: a) his deteriorating health; and b) the need to reinvigorate the country with reforms spearheaded by a younger head of state – namely Juan Carlos’ 46 year-old son, Felipe de Borbón.

“The long crisis has left deep scars in the social fabric but it also opens up a new path of hope,” the King said in a televised address. “All of this has awoken a desire for renewal, to improve, to correct our errors and pave the way to a decidedly better future. A new generation is demanding a central role in the forging of this future, just as…

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