Another Day, Another Political Scandal In Spain’s “Mafia State”

More corruption in a deeply divided country.

Raging Bull-shit

Political corruption has become synonymous with political leadership in Spain. After 16 long months of the Barcenás affair, it is common knowledge that senior members of the current governing party operated a highly lucrative political slush fund for well over 20 years.

Everyone also knows that no matter what shady backroom shenanigans their senior political representatives get up to, they will pay no price. All crime, no punishment — that’s the new modus operandi at the top of Spain’s political establishment. As if to drill this point home, the country was treated this week to a spectacle of political hubris and impunity so farcical and obscene that it leaves no doubt in one’s mind: Spain is now run by a mafia state!

It all began with a simple traffic infraction. On Thursday afternoon, at roughly 4:30 p.m. Spanish time, a unit of Madrid’s traffic police sighted a Toyota Verso illegally parked in…

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