James Rickards on Keiser Report

I’m still intrigued by who these ‘associates of the 9/11’ terrorists were, as Rickards puts it.

If it was not Al-Qaeda ‘traders’ using dial-up internet in caves in Afghanistan (after all that’s where Bin Laden was supposed to be hiding) then who knew the airlines were going to crash?

The Saudi government? They were likely involved in planning the attacks and 15 of the 19 patsies hijackers were Saudi nationals. Not to mention that after the attacks, 7 of the hijackers turned out to be alive and living in the Middle East. But I’m sure as we are told this was simply 7 simultaneous cases of stolen identity on the day of the biggest terrorist attack in history. Sure.

If Rickards is covering 9/11 insider trading in his new book, then he should specify who he thinks was making these trades, if he doesn’t indeed think the CIA had prior knowledge. This is contrary to what Keiser says about Alex Brown – see interview.


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