A thought on 9/11 Insider Trading


In the first of the excellent interviews below,  Alex Jones interviews Max Keiser. Keiser discusses the insider trading on 9/11, affirming the fact that their was prior knowledge of what was going to happen that day. Keiser talks about Buzzy Krongard and the CIA being aware of this, and goes on to talk about how James Rickards covers this topic in his new book The Death of Money. Keiser states at the 2 minute mark that “the CIA were trading on inside information”

The next interview is by SGT report interviewing SilverDoctors where they discuss James Rickards’ opinion on the insider trading of 9/11. They refer to his Kitco interview where Rickards asserts that indeed this did occur, but that it was perpetrated by “associates of the terrorists” (presumably referring to ‘Al Qaeda’) and that he doesn’t believe the “crazy conspiracy theories about 9/11” and distances himself from them.

SGT Report refers to the following article published by Michael C Ruppert in October 2001 claiming CIA direct involvement in the insider trading on 9/11:

CIA Executive Director “Buzzy” Krongard managed Firm that handled “Put” Options on UAL


To this day I find it hard to believe that cave dwelling militant shepherds in Afghanistan and Pakistan were responsible for rigging WTC 7 with explosives, stunt flying commercial aircraft, and placing put options on United and American airlines stock. Surely the “associates of the terrorists” ARE the CIA and the insiders who were responsible for carrying out 9/11.

Whilst I deem Rickards to be one of the best informed and experienced geopolitical/macro-economic analysts out there, SGT Report has a good case for labeling him as an establishment gatekeeper with regards to who exactly was in a position to have prior knowledge and moreover act on that information in such a way.

I look forward to Rickards’ appearance on the upcoming Keiser Report, and will be posting the video when it is released.

Alex Jones and Max Keiser

SGT report interviewing SilverDoctors

James Rickards on Kitco




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