THE PAEDOFILE: Why West Yorkshire Police, Ben fellowes, and Bradford Council are either mad or cunning

The Slog.

Would you trust Ken Clarke with Ben Fellowes, Jimmy Savile with a policeman, or Bradford Council with anything?

benfAs to whether Ben Fellowes (left) is mad or a double-agent, the case continues. His latest posting about Kennneth Clarke is a stream of consciousness, alleged victimisation, and largely evidence-free accusation. As he’s been at this lark now for over two years, Plod has somewhat impolitely asked ‘im to cease an’ desist Squire, uvvawise we might ‘ave to feel your collar, chummy. So Ben’s answer is to immediately post more of the same. Such modi operandi are bound to bring consequences, which one suspects is what Mr Fellowes wants. The question remains, “Why?”

There isn’t too much to Ben’s history, really. He has scored two own-goals against serious observers of inequality before the law when it comes to paedophile tendencies: first, branding the BBC a den of pervs – which is…

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